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  The Fionavar Tapestry trilogy has been published in many countries. It consists of:

Book 1: The Summer Tree (1st ed. 1984)
Book 2: The Wandering Fire (1st ed. 1986)
Book 3: The Darkest Road (1st ed. 1986)

Click on a cover to see a larger image, except where instructed otherwise.






Canadian & worldwide 1st ed. of The Summer Tree.
Artist: Martin Springett   Pub: McClelland & Stewart







American hardback editions. Artist: Martin Springett. Publishers: Arbor House/William Morrow. This is the same format that was used for The Wandering Fire and The Darkest Road in Canada by HarperCollins
Martin Springett’s covers were also used as full wrap images on the UK hardback editions of The Fionavar Tapestry







American softbacks, published by Roc. Artist: Mel Odom







UK paperback editions. This was the first major rejacketing of The Tapestry. Artist: John Howe. Publishers: Harper Collins/Voyager (England)







Omnibus Edition of The Fionavar Tapestry, only available in Canada. Artist: Ted Nasmith.
Pub: HarperCollins Canada







Dutch edition of The Fionavar Tapestry.
Artist: Annemarie Barendregt.
Pub: Sirius en Siderius







French edition, Pygmalion trade paperback. (The same covers were used for the Sextant version in Quebec).
Books 1 and 2, Artist: Jacques Lamontagne.
Book 3, Artist: Ted Nasmith







Danish edition of the Tapestry.
Artist: Ole Pihl. Pub: Forlaget Per Kofod







Polish edition of the Tapestry. The covers for books 2 and 3 are John Howe’s from the UK paperback editions (for larger images of these covers see the UK edition). Perhaps that’s in reaction to the, er, interesting cover of The Summer Tree (which -can- be clicked on for a larger image). The only redhead in Fionavar is Jaelle – one can only imagine the righteous fury she would display if she saw this display!
Artist: unknown; . Pub: Zysk I S-Ka






Italian edition of the Tapestry. Artist: O.C. Berni
Pub: Sperling & Kupfer







Israeli edition of The Summer Tree (published Feb 2000). This is the John Howe UK cover picture, but I added it to the gallery for the Hebrew script. Note that Hebrew is read from right to left, which also explains the full wrap cover with the front cover on the left, not the right. Pub: Opus Press







German reprint edition of the Tapestry (Martin Springett’s covers were used for the first edition).
Artist: Ferenc Regos. Pub: Goldmann Verlag






U.S. trade paperback reprint edition of The Fionavar Tapestry
Artists: Janny Wurts and Don Maitz. Pub: Roc
Visit Janny Wurts & Don Maitz’s websitesThere is a Janny/Don artwork screensaver available to buy from Second Nature Software for $10.99,
which includes the painting these covers are based on. The company contributes 100% of all profits
after taxes to The Nature Conservancy.Janny and Don have put up a graphic of the complete painting that the three covers are taken from on
their website, as well as some graphics of the work in progress; how it developed in stages. Worth
taking a look at:


France omnibus edition of The Fionavar Tapestry

Publisher: J’ai Lu



Publisher: Hodder
Artist: Martin Springett




Publisher: Ace Books (Classics series)

Cover Design: Leo Nickolls


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