A Review with a Difference!

Here’s a bit of light relief for all you readers out there who know and love Tigana.

There’s an interesting little feature known rather appropriately as ‘babelfish’ (check it out!). Basically, it translates pages that you send it into a variety of different languages. What a great tool, I hear you say! Well, let’s put it this way – babelfish translations are… idiosyncratic, to say the least. The very least. This is a translation of a German review of Tigana. Read it and weep (with laughter). But be warned – move all liquids away from your computer whilst you do – I won’t be held responsible for the consequences if you don’t!

Guy Gavriel Kay
(Tigana, Tigana II 1990)

The flowering Tigana is made equal to the ground by the Magier and Tyrannen Brandis. So that content, he does not ensure for the fact that the name of the country from the memory of humans disappears. Only who was born before this curse in Tigana, can itself remind at the names of the country. For this reason it is important that the long-lived Magier is geschubst in the the other world, before the last Tiganer this way must go otherwise is the name and the memory for eternally extinguished. Which may naturally occur in no case.

That looks at first sight like usual food like proven cord sample: With good good ones, rather bad bad ones and each quantity of reasons for drastic measures of the good parliamentary group. Whole also few magic, without kites, without dwarves, without einhoerner and also without elevation bits.

But the patient reader is recompenced: We live finally in the Neunzigern, and little ambivalence must be. The action is richly, the characters finely drawn. The Fieslinge is nevertheless not always only fies, and there are of it two which balances itself mutually. Thus it uses thus nothing to complete one because then the misery would eliminate only more badly and never more. The other parliamentary group is also not only noble, but has itself quite also with own weaknesses to argue. The fight is led on many levels. It becomes occasional correctly bizarr. (if for example night transducers after the income of a certain drunkenness with freshly picked ears against the bad in its various forms fight.)

The Tigana cycle belonged with considerable security to the better Fantasy and is clearly fewer infantil than some important factories of this category. Deterring is however the high price for the two tapes. Thus only a scarce comes out ‘recommendable’.

Heyne 06/5291 and 06/5291, 543 or 382 pages, DM 16.90/14.90.

Erik Carpenter

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