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'The Tapestry' by Tim Fricker
"I was first introduced to The Fionavar Tapestry by a friend back in the early 1990's while attending college, and from "The Summer Tree" to "The Darkest Road" I was completely and utterly entranced by the way that the story was at once familiar with its fantastical and epic settings, and yet completely new, with characters, written by a master's hand, that I continue to think of fondly to this day. Characters that inspired me to pick up pencil and paper once again after sitting by idly for so long. I have always been a very visual person and it was this grand story, filled with real, compelling people that made me attempt to somehow capture them with pen and ink..."

Galadan, by Sara Silvestris
"Galadan is, and will always remain, my favorite character in Fionavar's Tapestry. He's such an enigmatic character, wonderfully multi-faceted and ever smooth. One of the best villains there ever was... Though I know a fictional character is difficult to draw since everyone's mental image of them varies so much, I decided to go ahead and draw Galadan as I picture him..."

Sarantium Carving, by Peter Bloch-Hansen
"I started reading Guy Kay when "The Fionavar Tapestry" came out and loved it. Each succeeding novel seemed to express a growing mastery of structure and style, but more, a profound humanity, that I found wonderfully moving. When the first Sarantine book came along, I went to a reading by Guy Kay at Hart House, at U of T, and knew I had to read it; paid for a hardcover on the spot. Looking for fresh subjects to carve, I got the idea of doing the "collage" piece -- the emperor on his throne pondering weighty mattrers while Shirin danced ecstatically before him, and so on, all under the vast dome of the Sanctuary. I tried to set up a composition that suggested the interconnectedness of the various characters in something like the way the book intertwines their stories. It was a lot of fun to carve, but I wish now I had used a harder wood that would have held the detail better..."

Lisen, by Annah Hutchings
"It is so hard to decide what to draw from the Trilogy, each character and place has it's own story to tell. The one I have attempted to portray is that of Lisen, not a major character, but one who intrigues me. I believe it was the sad tale of how she waited for her love to return from the sea, but gave up her life when she realised he would never return. This part has always captured me in a way I can't explain..."

Lancelot and Curdardh, by David Dang
"After reading the Fionavar Tapestry for the third time, and meeting Mr. Kay at the Habourfront Reading in Toronto, I finally felt compelled to do the thing that has gnawed at my creative conscience for over a decade: to draw a scene from the Tapestry story. I decided on the battle between Lancelot and the demon Curdardh for I've always found that sequence to be very inspiring..."

Jaelle, by Myaah
"Ultimately, to my mind, Jaelle is linked to the rise of the Red Moon, the Moon of War. She feels it inside and sets off to free Paul from the Summer Tree. Jaelle is hard as iron, she's the sacrificial axe falling on cold stone. I wanted to see her great and dignified, with the Goddess, as a sort of stained glass window... A white figure among the darkness of the night..."

Crispin's Mosaic, by Melissa
"I still find Crispin among the more prickly of Ser Kay's creations, but also one of the most interesting, particularly because he is both an artist and a craftsman. At the end of Lord of Emperors, I was moved that, even after losing his dome which would have been his masterpiece and the mark by which he'd be known to the world long after his death, he could still courageously embark on a new, if more modest project, and realize that his world could continue even after that immense loss. I was also moved by the subject matter Crispin chose--all the people he had met in Sarantium, whether benevolent or not, whose lives had touched and changed his. This painting is my attempt to show that mosaic in the little chapel..."

The Riselka, by Naomi
"My sister introduced me to GGK's works when I was a teenager, starting with Tigana, which has remained my favourite novel ever since. As I'm an artist and paint a lot, I felt compelled to respond to Tigana. I chose the riselka as since it is a fantastical creature and therefore I felt I could use license to give it an abstract image. I find the idea of fate and different people's lives turning in different directions very evocative and meaningful..."

Galadan, by Athena Leonti
"I chose to depict Galadan mainly because of the completeness of the character. He's a villain that has whatever treat the "mean" guy would want, with a twist! I love the idea that he has gone evil because of his lost love..."

Curdardh, by Fédéric Maisonneuve
"I would have liked to know a lot more about the oldest creature in Fionavar..."

Under Heaven cover, by Nick Mayer
"Shortly after the new GGK novel (Under Heaven) was anounced I had a stong mental image of what felt like a cover design..."

Peony, by Goñi Montes. Art director: Kristin Lenz
This image was created as an illustration for a book review of Under Heaven which appeared in the Washington Post.

Even the Sun Goes Down, by Alex Tokmakchiev
"What influenced me even more was the world, the way the three religions and cultures mixed together and mostly their art. The poems, the architecture, the songs and clothes. Everything. By that time..."

Tigana-inspried piece, by Nana Leonti
This is the second piece of artwork to be added to the site by Althena. See her othe piece, "Galadan", above.

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